Lunar Observing Challenge 10

by Lunatic #82, Philip Sacco

Welcome to the April edition of the Lunatix Challenge. I hope you enjoy the selections for your Lunar foray this month. Remember to hunt the domes, and good luck. There are only two more challenges to go to complete the program.

Now for your challenge:

Naked Eye Targets:
1. When referring to the moon, what is a "Dorsa" ?
2. Of all the known moons in our solar system, now numbering 65, where does our moon rank in size?
3. With what major moon feature is the Altai Scarp associated?
4. Mare Moscoviense

Binocular Targets:
1. Crater Maginus - Why does this crater do a disappearing act when the sun gets too high in the moon's sky? (greater than 7-10 days)
2. Crater Longomontanus
3. Crater Alphonsus

Telescope Targets:
1. Crater Linne'
2. Crater Lalande
3. Crater Censorinus
4. After observing these three targets, what is the central theme they share?
5. Crater Pitatus
6. Gemma Frisius
7. Crater Trumpler