Current AAC Officers

Jim Moore - President

Rich Jakiel - 1st VP, Program Chairman

Dan Llewellyn - 2nd VP, Observing Chair

Julie Moore - Recording Secretary
Evelyn Whalen - Treasurer

Keith Burns - Corresponding Secretary

AAC Board of Directors

Mark Banks May 2005
Mike Boni May 2005
Brigitte Fessele May 2005
Alex Langoussis , Chairman of the Board May 2004
John Lentini May 2004
Ken Poshedly May 2004

Other Contacts

John Lentini, Woodruff Observatory Coordinator,Boy Scout Lasion
Mark House, Charlie Elliot Director
GASP, Georgia Astronomy in State Parks -GASP
Stef Whetstone, Observatory & Telescope Training
Mark Banks, Sidewalk Astronomy.
Keith Burns, ALCOR